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Stressed Out Busy Professional Mom, Overcomes Health Issues & Transforms for Her Family.

Meet Kim! She is a hard-working High-Level Executive that came to me looking to reclaim her health and overall self-confidence.

Every busy professional understands the difficulties of long hours, sleepless nights and anxious days trying to hit that deadline. We all want to show up for our family. We want to show up at our jobs. We want to show up in our health and body.

The most difficult thing to do is find is balance.

Kim came to us looking for, accountability, coaching and systems to support her transformation journey. What she got was support from an entire staff & found a family like gym community that helped keep her motivated and accountable to herself.

Kim is killing it and here’s why. She gets more than just a $25 a month gym membership or franchised studio where they care more about how many people, they can fit in than getting you actual results.

When she came to us, she had tried workouts and diets in the past. She had bounced from program to program but never found a place where they could bring everything all together in one place.

She was struggling in nutrition and didn’t really understand how to eat to be healthy.

She had lost weight in the past but had never learned how to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Our goal as a team was to help her have more freedom with food and the ability to train like an athlete again without the fear of getting injured.

She was afraid of getting injured because her past injury history looks a little like this.

• Tendinitis in the Elbow & Shoulder • Bulging Disc • Disc Degeneration • Chronic Hip Pain & Stiffness • Sciatic Nerve Pain • SI Joint Issues • 2 Knee Surgeries on the Left Knee • Shattered Ankle • Multiple Abdominal Surgeries • Asthma

She was terrified of doing any type of exercise and had been told by some doctors to avoid exercise or training with weights. Since Kim has been with us, she has been able to do almost anything. Each month we challenge her with new customized training programs that help her build up strength where she was injured.

Instead of avoiding weight training, Kim’s able to enjoy that, plus more. And here’s why.

Here’s what Kim gets at Impact. • Structured Nutrition Coaching at Her Speed Customized to Her Lifestyle • Customized Training Programs That Change Every 4 Weeks So That She Never Gets Bored • Unlimited Group Workouts Where She Can Train Like an Athlete & Always Feels Challenged. • Accountability Check ins To Make Sure She’s Focused & Staying On Track to Reach Her Goals • Precision Nutrition Online Coaching Designed to Educate Her on Health & Nutrition So That She Doesn’t Fall Victim To Popular Fad Diets, Detoxes & Cleanses That Do More Harm In The Long Run

Everyone knows how hard it is being a mom, a leader of a team and still find time to take care of yourself.

But if you don’t invest the time in you, everyone suffers. Everyone in your life deserves to have you in your best version.

Not the tired and stressed out version.

Life will always throw you challenges, but Kim is making incredible progress towards becoming the best version of her.

If you’re looking to get more accountability, support and systems to help you become the best version you, apply at the bottom of the page.

We are a team of coaches well rounded in the entire process of transformation. It’s not just about dieting or working out.

It’s about becoming stronger both physically and mentally. It’s about moving better, feeling better and gaining a community of people that support you in your journey.

If You’re Ready to Transform for Real, Apply For An Assessment

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