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Apply To Be An Impact Coach

We’re currently accepting applications for a part time coach with the opportunity to become a full-time coach. 


This is not a position we take lightly. Coaching is the LIFEBLOOD of what we do at Impact. We give our coaches everything they need to be successful—and every opportunity to become the best in the world.

We are VERY selective with who we bring on to the team. So, this position is definitely not for everyone. That said, if you read the details and decide you may be a good fit, we’d love to invite you to fill out the survey below. 






  • Coach Small & Large Group Classes (8-16 students)

  • Coach Semi Private Personal Training Clients (1-4)

  • Program Design & Help Develop New Workouts for Classes

  • Run New Member Orientation & Strategy Sessions with Members




  • Resources to Become the Best Coach You Can Be

  • In Staff Training for on The Job Learning 

  • Nutrition Coaching Training So You Can Be A Well-Rounded Coach

  • Training on How to Program Design for Clients Goals

  • Learn Sales & Marketing for Fitness in Today’s World

  • Opportunities for Growth Within the Company




  • Experience in the Customer Service Industry

  • Must Be Outgoing & Enthusiastic 

  • Must Be A People Person With Great Communication Skills

  • Must Have A Growth Mindset Dedicated to Learning

  • Must Have A Passion for Health & Fitness & Live the Lifestyle 

  • Must Hold A Current Nationally Recognized Certification or Degree in The Field

  • If No Certification or Experience - (must be willing to intern to gain experience)

  • Must Have A Desire To Help Others




Impact Performance & Fitness stands out not just as a gym, but as a fitness community. Our primary goal is to change the way our members approach fitness and health. We believe in a well rounded balanced approach to health, which goes beyond physical training. 

It's about developing mental resilience, building strong communities, and nurturing a passion for a lifetime of wellbeing. Our coaches aren’t just instructors—they are game changers, mentors, and leaders. When you join us, you’re not just getting a job; you’re making a Mission to Make IMPACT.

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