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19 Nontraditional Landmine Exercises That Crush Your Core & Add Lean Muscle

Need new variations in your training?

We Put Together 19 of Our Favorite Landmine Exercises For You To Try!

Landmines are great for functional training as they allow you to work in many different movement planes with resistance. This is great for athletes that want to train more sport specific or everyday gym-goers that want to add more functional movement into their training.

We find that using the Landmine has helped us transition people that may lack mobility into some of our traditional big lifts. Front Squats are a great example. Using the Landmine during Front Squats makes it easier to load the anterior core keeping the back protected from injury.

Most beginner struggle with core engagement while training. Adding the Landmine can really help you build up your core while challenging your muscles in an entirely different way.

Exercises In The Video:

1 Deadlift

2 Romanian Deadlift

3 Front Squat

4 Squat to Press

5 Single Leg RDL Front

6 Single Leg RDL Side

7 Front Loaded Split Squat

8 Front Loaded Reverse Lunge

9 Reverse Lunge to Press

10 Single Arm Overhead Press

11 2 Hand Overhead Press

12 1-Arm Press Split Stance

13 1-Arm Push Press

14 2 Hand Push Press

15 Single Arm Row

16 Clean and Rotational Press

17 Grappler Rotations

18 Tall Kneeling 2 Hand Press

19 Half Kneeling Single Arm Press

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