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3 Valuable Life Lessons Learned From Our 5th Annual Warrior Games Challenge

Hello Warriors!

I sure hope you had a fantastic Holiday Weekend! We just finished our last head to head of our 2018 Warrior Games.

It’s a team challenge designed to help our students build better lifestyle habits while adding in healthy competition to fuel their results.

Today’s event and the past few weeks have taught me a few lessons about being a warrior on the battle field we call life.

Before I share with you these 3 Lessons that in my mind will make your fitness journey much easier, please allow me to explain something to put it into better context.

Impact Performance was built to help people become better individuals through physical training, habit changes and mindset growth.

The physical element is just our vehicle in which we deliver what our clients really come for.

Structure and Guidance.

Each one of you have the ability to change your lives for the better right now, but there is something you keep putting off. Sometimes we put it off hoping it will go away. Learned that with a tooth ache. It never goes away!

I believe it is great to be happy and satisfied where we are. We should be proud of our achievements. I also believe that humans are brought into this world to live extraordinary lives.

“Playing it safe made me feel so alive inside” said no one ever!

Life is all about challenges.

Things that challenge us change us.

Because challenges create lessons whether you win or lose.


Lessons create growth.

Here are 3 take home lessons from our warrior games and how you can apply them to your life.

Lesson #1 – Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Show Up!

You might have heard this saying before, but we changed it to show up. If you want to win in life you have to get up and play the game.

Nobody is going to win events for you.

Nobody is going to eat healthy for you.

Nobody is going to get rest and enough sleep for you.

If you don’t do the work, it’s impossible to ever succeed at anything. I heard this before and it was one of those things you can never un-hear.

“It’s our obligation to take care of ourselves so that others don’t have to take care of us.”

I would like to add to this a little bit.

It’s our obligation to take care of ourselves so that we can help take care of others that truly need our help. To be the selfless go giver that gives without expectation of receiving anything in return.

Another one of our Impact Core Values.

Lesson #2 – The Only Thing That Matters Is Who’s Standing at The End.

Consistency is key. You can run an awesome 100-meter dash but if the race is scheduled for 1600 meters, you will lose every time.

If we want to be consistent at anything, we have to stay within ourselves.

It does us no good to be gung-ho in the beginning only to fall off at the end. If that keeps happening repeatedly, what can we do next time to avoid it?

Maybe pace ourselves a little better.

“Many people over estimate what they can do in 30 days and under estimate what they can do in a year.” – Luka Hocevar

Sometimes, less is more.

3 days per week for 16 weeks will always beat 5 days per week for 6 weeks.

Trust the process and give yourself time. Champions weren’t built overnight. Build the skills and focus less on the outcomes.

Lesson #3 – What Ever Doesn’t Kill You Will Only Make You Hungrier

Today I learned this one while adding a 30 pound vest and attempting our entire last event alone without a team.

My opponent.

Both the Black and Gold teams.

They would switch out after each obstacle while I would attempt to finish all 5 obstacles alone.

The last obstacle….

· .75 Mile Run

· 15 TRX Rows

· 10 Knee Grab Sit Ups

· 5 Jumping Jacks

This event straight up owned me!

But I knew going into the event that it would.

My only motivation…

Walk The Walk

One of our Impact Core Values

I believe as a fitness professional and as a leader, it is my obligation to walk through the fire to show everyone it’s safe. If I tell everyone to push themselves when they are tired, well I better be ready to do that same exact thing too.

It would also serve as a good bench mark of where my personal fitness level was actually at.

I might have gone overboard today because adding the 30-pound vest made it damn near impossible to even be competitive in this event vs both teams full of fresh warriors. My ego got me when one of our warriors called me soft, so I had to pull the classic Marty McFly from Back to The Future.

Nobody Calls Me Chicken 😉

I just wanted to finish. In life, sometimes you won’t win and that’s okay. You can’t always win. It’s how you handle adversity and losing that matters.

I could have given up, but I kept remembering the line that Navy Seals use during Buds training. Training designed to weed out those who cannot mentally handle the vigor of battle.

“I’ll Quit Tomorrow.”

When you want to give up, go ahead and give up. Just not today. You must finish today. And at the end of today you still want to quit, then go ahead.

Figure out how to survive this current obstacle you are facing today and see how you feel tomorrow.

Usually you will keep going.

But having the option gives you the strength to endure today.

Use your strength and these lessons to tackle your obstacles.

Yours In Strength

Coach Chris

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