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5 Minute Mobility Routine To Decrease Pain & Help You Move Better

Feeling Tight & Stiff From Lack of Movement or Sitting For Too Long At Work?

Most of the clients we work with at Impact work long hours where they are forced to sit in front of computers all day. This sitting in a hunched position all day leaves them feeling tight, stiff and anxious by the end of the day.

Not to mention when they are not at work they spend a lot more time hunched over looking at a cell phone!

Because we are stuck in these positions all day we end up dealing with a lot of

  • Shoulder & Neck Pain

  • Stiff Lower Back Tightness

  • Feelings of Anxiousness or Depression

  • Pain When We Workout

  • Poor Sleep Quality

Years ago when I first got into fitness I was all about training for strength. Maybe I should say I was all about training for ego haha!

I constantly challenged myself to lift heavier weights, get into the gym as many days as possible and to push beyond my limits. But none of this served me. I ended up hurting my back because I didn’t listen to my body and I cared too much about impressing people to back off when signs were present.

After hurting my back I went on a journey to fix it. I got super interested in mobility and how it could help you move and feel better.

One of the obstacles I was facing was time!

I didn’t want to spend time stretching or working on Mobility Drills all the time.

The fix was plugging it into different areas of my life where it didn’t seem too intrusive.

Sometimes that meant making it short and effective instead of having a long drawn out plan that I'd never be consistent with. So I started doing little 5 Minute Flows like this one.

  • Doing 5-10 Minutes of Mobility Before Workouts

  • On Rest Days Spending 10 Minutes Just Moving My Joints and Stretching

  • At Night or in The AM Doing Short 5 Minute Flows Like In The Video

The crazy thing happened when I started to prioritize mobility over just getting stronger. I ended up getting much stronger. That’s when we started making it a priority for everyone in our gym too.

We saw a lot less injuries and a lot more new personal best. Because when you don’t move well, adding more strength on poor movement is a recipe for disaster.

Real strength only comes after establishing quality movement first. Focus on moving better and you’ll see a direct impact in your health and performance.

Need help with moving better or want us to build a customized training program for you to reach your health and fitness goals?

Click The Link Below To Book A Free Assessment

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Written by

Chris Lingham CSCS

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