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How Erin Transformed Her Life Through Strength Training & Community

A lot of people document their fitness journeys with before and after pictures. When your transformation is dramatic, there's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing side by side images of the unhappy and unhealthy past you've left behind juxtaposed with the visual proof of the fit future you've been working so hard for. Seeing those before and afters can be a real motivator to keep pushing, keep training, even when it's tough.

But sometimes the journey you're on doesn't have the most obvious physical transformation. What if you're not looking to lose pounds or inches, but to gain muscle and energy? What if you're looking to feel healthier? If your transformation is slower or more subtle, how does that impact you? Its easy to get discouraged if you look in the mirror and don't necessarily see much of a difference each week. It's in those times, when you can't see your progress and are having a hard time with motivation, that having a team at your back can make all the difference.

When I came to Impact Performance and Fitness, I was already at a healthy weight. My body fat percentage was fairly low. I had found a method of healthy eating that was working well for me. What I was looking for was a community that would support me as I moved forward with this new lifestyle. I sought not just skilled trainers and coaches to teach me how to condition my body, but a network of people on the same journey that would help keep at bay all the negative thoughts that want to creep back in when it looks like your progress has stalled.

Body re-composition is a long journey with slow visual progress. Building muscle takes a lot of time a hard work. Some days it can be tough to keep your eye on the prize. But knowing that when I walk into the gym, I'll be surrounded by people that only want to lift me up and push me forward... knowing that makes those bad days far less frequent, and far less daunting.

I look at my before and after pictures, and some of the differences might not be so obvious. But I can see the improvements, I can feel them, and with my Warriors at my back I feel comfortable and confident in celebrating them fully.

Here's to another six months of hard work and all the little victories they have in store for me!

Erin Dillard

If you feel like you have resonated with Erin's story and are looking for coaching, community and the right support systems to help you achieve real life changing results - fill out our contact form and book your free fitness strategy session with our team.

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