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How To Do Staggered Stance Kettlebell RDLs

RDL stands for Romanian Deadlift. A Deadlift variation that focuses more on the eccentric loading of an exercise vs the concentric. Lowering with control vs lifting with speed and force.

We use this exercise in our program as an accessory lift that helps isolate Hamstrings.

Typically, Hamstrings are a common area of weakness is most adults and athletes. This leaves us more at risk for injuries during training.

By focusing time on accessory lifts like the Staggered Stance RDL, we can build up lower body strength and improve overall performance in the training room.

1. Start with the weight in the Rack Position.

2. Lower the weigh by pushing the hips back while maintaining a neutral spine.

3. Using the hamstring & glutes, pull the weight back to the top position and stop tall with weight over the arches of your feet.

Tips: Focus on pulling the weight through your heels to bring the weight back up. When lowering the weight, pretend that you are closing the door behind you using only your butt while holding a tray with water glasses.

Let us help you build a strength training program that helps you get stronger without getting banged up in the process.

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